Green And Gold Weekend: 2015

Green & Gold weekend is finally here and boasts some of the colleges most anticipated functions. The preparations for green and gold go months back and often is the highlight of the academic year. Students are invited to join their families for a weekend of events and celebrations. This event has been a staple in Keuka College tradition and is seen to be hosted each year. With this Keuka is given the chance to extend information about the college to students



For the weekend, Alumni of the college also come down to visit the college and to have reunions with class mates. They are also very involved in the weekends functions , such as the Alumni sports matches against the current students. The alumni are also welcome to all other events which gives students and family to see the impact Keuka Graduates have on the community.



Family weekend is also held during Green & Gold and has the colleges students parents come up for the weekend. With this, the parents have the unique opportunity to come up to the college to meet professors and other faculty members.22151288660_ebf4e1188f_c


For every Green & Gold weekend there are different events on the campus that families and students may attend. For this year the events happening are ranging from Campus tours hosted by admissions to a Virtual Reality Gaming Truck.


Sports Games are a tradition of Green & Gold and sees the college athletes playing against the Alumni, there are also games facing off other colleges. For this weekend the Keuka College mens and womens soccer teams will be playing against Suny Cobbleskill.



International Students are also very involved with Green and Gold weekend as some come to talk to aluminum and family interested in international relations. International students are even allowed to sign up and make there own authentic foods!



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