Top ten things to do on and around campus!

With the fall semester upon us and classes in full swing, the College has been a bliss with freshman enjoying their first semester here. With tons of things to do on campus and events happening everyday, here our top ten picks for on and off campus activities:


10. Ball Hall Lawn 

Class is inside, which is nice, but after a long day the Ball Hall lawn supplies a great field for outdoor activities. Whether it be during the summer, throwing a football or passing a rugby ball, or during the colder months when students enjoy a stroll down to the chapel.

9. The Gym

Netflix is life most days but when it comes to getting the blood pumping there is no better place than The RAC Athletics center! Whether its lifting up some serious iron, taking a jog on the treadmill or shooting some hoops in the basketball court.

8. CAB Events 

Campus Activities Board is responsible for most of the campus gathering ranging from comedians to magicians. One of the more popular activities and when I say popular, I mean that everybody on the campus goes to it, is the bingo nights….you can win an iPad and a ton of other stuff…its like Christmas…if your family was made up of 1,000 siblings and only some of you were lucky enough to get something.


7. Climbing a tree 

Trees are fun. Granted they don’t talk. Keuka College has an abundance of trees. Feel like getting a good view? Get on your tree climbing shoes.


6. Getting a huge plastic sheet, laying it down Davis hill, pouring soapy water on it and then sliding down 

If and when you do this, please call me.

5. Join a club or organisation

Keuka has over 40 clubs and organisations for you to choose from, in fact if a club is not there just go ahead and make one yourself! It only takes 10 signatures and you are in!

4. Kayaking and canoeing on the lake.

Wanting to try out your sea-bearing legs? Head over to the point and pick yourself up a kayak or canoe, and feel free to bring a fishing rod or a friend!


3. Explore the surrounding woods.

Been meaning to explore your wild side? Take a day to hike into the woods, we have tons of trails all around Keuka ranging from calm walks to heavier trails. They lead all through out the Finger Lakes and is a great trip for a picnic in the woods or anything else that come to mind with being outdoors. Don’t forget to pack your trail-mix and water!

2.  Seneca Farms 

Seneca farms is to Keuka, what catnip is to cats. With over 30 different homemade ice cream flavors everyday during the summer and delicious fried chicken, Seneca Farms has established quite a basis in Keuka College clientele.

1.  Sit Back and enjoy the Campus

With a campus situated right on a lake, its easy to sit back and just take in the surrounding beauty during any season. With everything in close walking distance the campus turns into a strong community! From bike rides to kayaking the campus offers so much to do to the eccentric college.



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