Keuka College Summer fishing!

With summer time finally here at Keuka College, the lake has opened up to some serious sport fishing. With the warmer waters flowing in, the ecosystem has bounced back and so has the fish species. Keuka Lake, being one of the Fingerlakes, has species ranging from fighting fish for more experienced anglers to calmer mid-range prey fish. Some of the more popular species on the list here for Keuka College anglers, range from the small and large mouth bass to the heavily violent pike. Once past the smaller sunfish, the prize catches are definitely salmon, trout and large mouth bass, as they are often the most sought after for there taste and size. However, for the more experienced angler, the pike offers a violent and aggressive fight – often resulting in a snapped line, so remember to hook up the steel-tipped line!

It’s very fortunate that Keuka College is so conveniently located on Keuka Lake allowing a close fishing community for the students. Often during the summer the lake is a buzz with students trying their luck on the water. Keuka College’s administration have listened carefully to what the students wanted with the canoes and kayaks and have now begun to allow students to take fishing supplies with them on the kayaks, raising our advantage to catch big fish!

A cloudy day offers a range of good fishing opportunities.
The rolling waves found on the shore of Point Neamo
This elusive fish is the large Mouth Bass. As you can see from its size, it put up a fair fight, and was therefore released. However these fish can make a great meal.
During the night the chapel looks beautiful from the view of the lake, often accompanied by a sunset.
As the suns last reflective rays pass through the clouds, a red hue can be seen reflected by the water. For sailors this sight is known as “sailor’s delight” and often means that the next day will be sunny and calm.
Keuka College’s boat house looks onto the right side of Keuka and houses the Kayaks and Canoes, which are available to students.

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