From Winter to Spring

Throwback to the some of my favorite moments last year. It was the coldest winter EVER… until this year. Keuka Lake was frozen entirely! There were rumors that you could even walk across to the other side of the lake but I would not recommend trying it. However, no matter how hard I danced or jumped on it, the lake still remained as solid as the ground!

And then… Here comes the Spring! Yay!!!

Well, admittedly spring has never been my favorite season, probably since my nose does not like it haha (my nose is very sensitive with the weather). But here it’s soooooo BEA-U-TIFUL! How can I not like it anyway?!?! ❤

All we can see in the winter is snow and snow, but flowers are seen in every corner when it’s spring! ❤

From Penn Yan…

To Keuka College…Flower blossoms also means that it’s kayaking time!!!

And today it was just as beautiful, not to mention that it was Friday!!! That’s why my friends and I decided to have a picnic outside this evening, right on the Chapel lawn. We brought our own food there for dinner: sushi, chicken wings, mixed seafood vermicelli and Olivier salad (or Russian salad)!
IMG_1928If only this beautiful weather could last forever. When the sky gets higher; grass gets greener; food gets tastier and life gets easier. Let’s all celebrate our last few days at Keuka College and make every day an unforgettable and happy day! ❤



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