Color the Campus!

What a weekend!

My entire weekend was nonstop fun, starting from going to the amazing Dance Team showcase on Friday night to attending a ton of outdoor events over the weekend. It was great that I didn’t feel tired at all from having way too much fun playing outdoors!

This year Spring Weekend is called “Color the Campus,” so needless to say, color is everywhere today! LOVE racing with my friends in this giant bubble slides!
Racing or jumping, doesn’t matter!
It was a lovely day. The weather was super beautiful, sunny and warm! The sky was clear. The grass was green. I heart it ❤
Here are two of my dearest girls at Keuka College a.k.a. the cool kids in town. Haha. Love them!
As a member of Students Helping Students (SHS), I’m here to help you play the Twister game… but only for those who don’t mind getting colored on… 😉
…like these guys…
…or these guys!
FullSizeRender 2
Kyle is a soccer fan so that’s why every ball can be a soccer ball to him…
FullSizeRender 3
Remember this game in P.E. class when you were a little kid?
No matter how old you are, we can always play this game again… even when you’re in college!
Or play badminton 😉
Is there anyone else who loves jumping in the ball pit like me???
But this is what I actually do in the ball pit! Haha
Our staff at Keuka College are having lots of fun too! Here is Eva, director of student activities, and Salinas, resident director of Saunders Hall. Who says they are not as young and playful as us?!? ❤
Under this tent is where we can DIY Mason jars… feel free to take them home with you! 😉
Orange cream soda or root beer? Your choice!
IMG_1321 2
One of the best things during spring weekend is that you not only get free drinks but also free food!


IMG_1320 2
But apparently my friends seem to prefer smoothies!
Feel free to bring your blanket here to chill out with friends (y)
Cheers from the Athletic department a.k.a. other cool kids in town! ❤
Get some goodies and ready to strike a pose with your besties under this photo booth… or photo tent

Here are the results!!! (You can see more pictures taken at the booth here)11206517_546836985454710_6088922837980786846_o

10996309_546830832121992_6712170041603065713_oPaint splatter!!!




And then…

Dancing all night long ❤

Countdown to that moment: The last fireworks I would watch at Keuka College. The last time I would watch  as a college student. It always feels so close that I can even reach them! Need proof? Here is a GIF image of the fireworks that I made while watching it from the Norton chapel. ❤IMG_1828“‘Cause, baby, you’re a firework.”

Every one has a spark inside. Don’t forget that we shine and warm up every where we go, because we are all fireworks. But I sure will miss this moment – the last fireworks I watched as an undergrad. Goodnight beautiful souls ❤



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