We The Kings LIVE at Keuka College!

Nothing can be compared to ending a long week than by going to a good live concert, and nothing can be compared to going to a good live concert within just a two minute walk. Today, that’s just what I did!

The live concert I attended today represented Made Violent and We the Kings! They are both American rock bands. Made Violent is still fairly new in the music industry, but We the Kings has been around since 2005 and probably best known for their interactive music video and song Say You Like Me, an MTV Music Award winner for Most Innovative Music Video Of The Year in 2011.

My friends and I got there at around 7PM, when the concert was about to start. A lot of students showed up at the concert although it was held during the weekend. My long-time friend since freshman year, Lauren Esposito, is the super dedicated President of Campus Activity Board (CAB). This is the third year that CAB has hosted the Spring concert and their efforts are always highly appreciated. What I really like about the concert is that the bands that had the highest votes from the students would be invited to come, which makes us feel that our voices are heard and we’re part of the decision making process.

FullSizeRender 2
Lauren is in the middle, between me and my other lifetime friend Sini.

I also participated in the team once during my sophomore year as a CAB’s Senate Representative. We all had to wake up early on Saturday morning and then be ready at 8:30 AM to start the preparation process for the concert. That year, it was Brian Crawford, Andrew Allen and Thick As Thieves that were invited to come. Then, we came to watch live shows of Griffen Alexandre, American Authors and Hellogoodbye last year. We can never stand still on our feet because all the performers are mind-blowing.

Here are some of the pictures I took at the concert, but it’s really impossible to tell how good they are just by looking at the pictures! Click here if you’d like to see the video I recorded during the concert.

Made Violent’s rocking on the stage

More pictures are available at Keuka College CAB’s Facebook page!

This is how thrilled we feel at the concert.
Kacey the Wolf is our school’s mascot. Kacey is incredibly funny and friendly, and she’s also excited about the concert too!

And here are… WE THE KINGS!!! The tickets for students are only $2! There’s nothing cooler than going to a live concert where we can look closely at the artists without having to pay for premium ticket price, is there?!?


IMG_1136My favorite songs of We the Kings are Say You Like Me, Just Keep Breathing and Any Other Way. Great music, great artists and great personalities. Tonight was such a great night of all the great things!

Music heals our souls, doesn’t it?



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