Masquerade Ball with HWS

Today we carried out a special task: dress up and have a good time!

Chevy, our Director of Multicultural Affairs at Keuka College, is a WONDERFUL woman. She gave me and four other students the tickets to attend the 16th annual Masquerade Ball hosted by the Hobart and William Smith (HWS) Caribbean Student Association (CSA) and represent Keuka College students at the event. “I bought the tickets for you guys because I knew you’d love it,” smiled Chevy, “I attended their events many times and they were great, so I thought maybe you guys could gain something for your upcoming event iPerform as well!”

This year Masquerade Ball was held at Belhurst Castle, which is only 30 minutes away from Keuka College, to highlight the significance of studying abroad as well as celebrate the importance of community. All the tickets were sold out and the proceeds went to CSA-hosted scholarship with the Center for Global Education, which I think is also similar to what Keuka College’s International Club (KCIC) has been striving to do.

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Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset

The Masquerade Ball with the HWS students also reminds me of our semi-formal event at Keuka College two years ago, hosted by our Campus Activity Board (CAB) at the Harbor Hotel in Watkins Glen. We also used to have a masquerade ball and students were given the masks before entering the ball room. Though both schools provide very similar events, they are also very different. All students at Keuka College are invited to vote for the theme they like the most for the event each year and the theme that has the highest vote will be the chosen theme. Since many of my new friends here are curious and interested in learning more about our semi-formal events, I will make sure to include a separate post on this topic through my four times attending them while studying at Keuka College :).

My first impression when entering their event was that everyone dressed up so nice! The guys looked very handsome and neatly dressed in pressed suits and shined shoes, while the ladies looked so sophisticated and charming in their stunning gowns and flawless makeup.

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I chose to wear a floral-printed dress because it reminded me of the arrival of spring ❤
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Our gang from left to right: Long (Kyle), me, Hue Anh (Jade), Phuoc (Sammy), Dawn and Frankie!

More pictures of me and my friends at the Masquerade Ball:
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Dawn is very excited about her beautiful mask so she can’t resist on taking a selfie! This lovely woman has never ceased to surprise me with her ageless soul, like seriously!
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Here is our table. All my friends look so nice, don’t they? ❤

The CSA’s Masquerade Ball this year featured a variety of performances from three student-run groups at HSW: 3 Miles Lost, the Hobartones and the Step & Dance Team. Dinner was served for guests to enjoy while watching. After that, the event’s keynote speaker, Christopher N. Lavin ’81, executive director of the Geneva Community Center and Boys & Girls Club of Geneva, took the stage and delivered an inspiring speech about the significance of serving one’s community and what needed to be successful in one’s future.

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My favorite performance of the night goes to the Step & Dance Team!
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My main course with smoked salmon.
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Attendees from 21 and above are allowed to buy wines at the bar during the event.
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Our Keuka College gang with Rose Cherubin, Prime Minister of CSA and also a graduating senior at HWS. CSA is an organization that invites Caribbean-identifying students and those from all other backgrounds to join together and celebrate the history, culture and social issues surrounding the Caribbean as well as help enlighten the HWS and Geneva communities about the region.

At the end of the party, everyone was invited to come up and dance on the stage. Congrats to CSA and HWS for their successful event! And what’s for us? We all had a fun and memorable night and it was such an unconventional and fascinating way to end Spring break! But more importantly, I know I’ve learned something new again today, not from books or lectures but from my peers in another school. I love a quote by Og Mandino, the American author of the bestselling book The Greatest Salesman in the World: “Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new.” Having been carrying this attitude ever since I first entered school until now, I know this attitude is always a part of me no matter what I will be in the future <3.



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