Valentine’s Day and How to Get a Job on Campus

Today is Valentine’s day.

Some people love it. Some hate it. Some don’t care about it.

What about me? I had never thought it would be different from the rest of the year until…

I woke up early in the morning and checked my emails as usual. My eyes stopped at the email I received from one of my work supervisors, B.J. Hill, requesting me to stop by her office today without indicating any reason. Confused and a little bit worried as I would normally get, I went to my classes and kept wondering whether I did something wrong or forgot to do something that I was told to do. OH NO!!! I had to go off campus during my working time today, but I forgot to send out an email to ask my fellow employees earlier if they could take my shift for me! Could it be that? I’m so forgetful!

I ran all the way to see BJ (that’s what everyone calls my supervisor) as soon as I realized it. But when I was just about to explain my silly mistake, BJ surprised me with a little bouquet of roses and a lovely card. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” said BJ, “These are our special gifts for the senior workers. I told you to come because I knew you’d not be able to come work today, and it might not be a good idea to keep these roses in the office over the weekend.” BJ came closer and gave me a tight hug.

I wasn’t blamed at all, instead, I received my first Valentine’s gift of the day! What a big surprise! After leaving the office and saying thank you to BJ, I walked down the hall and checked my D-box. ‘Oh my god!’ I thought. There was a candy bag in my D-box. It’s from Bonna. Bonna is one of the most warmhearted women I have ever known, and I’m glad that I’m now working for her as well. I remember bringing a cup of coffee to BJ and Bonna every morning in freshman year. Then I discovered that I received even more gifts, from the Student Activities office to the ASK Office – this is where I work as a tutor. Can’t believe that I received so many gifts on Valentine’s day! Who says you need to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend to feel the love of Valentine when everyone around you is a lover?

Processed with VSCOcam with p6 preset
My little valentine gift from the Student Affairs office ❤

Since I’ve realized that not many of my fellow international friends are aware of the benefits and advantages of having work-study jobs on campus, I decided to add some guidelines here so we can help each other. I started my first work-study job as a tutor when I was a freshman. Most of the students are given a certain amount of work-study award, which allows us to make money by working for the school up to the amount we are granted. For example, my work-study award is $1200 a year; however, when I’m about to reach this limit, I can request to make up to $2000/year (and I did!) Work-study is an opportunity for all students regardless of nationality, but not a guarantee. Here’s how to apply:

  1. Attend a student employment (work-study) orientation session
  2. Create a resumé
  3. Access Career Connections’ profile/account
  4. Upload resumé to Keuka College Career Connections profile/account
  5. View and apply for available positions via Career Connections
  6. Interview for position (if required)

Not only does work-study give us a chance to increase our income but it also helps us build up a better resume and offers us the opportunity to get a Social Security Number (SSN), which is extremely important and beneficial for us in many ways – especially in finding jobs. Once hired, here’s what to do:

  1. Complete required hiring paperwork (you need to bring your passport, I-94 form and I-20 form in order to request a SSN)
  2. Obtain time card/sheet (time & attendance web clock access – coming soon)
  3. Begin working

It might look a little complicated but it is actually very simple. Our benefits? They are ABUNDANT! Working seven to ten hours/week now and being a NSO mentor in two consecutive years have offer me a pretty reasonable income, plus the work experience that I can gain right on campus. However, if you’re confused by any mean, no worries, you can always come to the Experiential Learning Center to make an appointment and the staff will be more than pleased to help you out!

Valentine, it may be freezing outside but it feels warm inside. ❤

Valentine is not the occasion to keep love for ourselves but to spread the love. I hope you find my post helpful.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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