100 Days to Graduation and 5 Days to Tet!!!

The countdown has just officially started!

How silly I overslept and forgot to attend our seniors dinner and ring the bell event :(. Remember how sad I was the past few years when 100 days to graduation meant 100 days I had left with my senior friends in Keuka College, how lonely I felt when they rang the bell and attended the seniors dinner without having me beside, and how impatient I was when I couldn’t wait until it’d be my turn… but now I’ve just lost my one-time-only chance to do it! Seeing others posting pictures and sharing moments of the seniors night on Facebook and other social media really makes me wish that I was there. Urgggghhh.. I’m so forgetful!!! 😦

Gotta ask my friend Jake Banas for this precious photo. Congratulations to Class of 2015!!!

Honestly, I’m not quite sure how I’m feeling about the 100 days countdown though. Yes, it’s exciting that I’m about to explore new things and eventually finish the first big milestone of my life, but it’s also bittersweet when I’ll have to say goodbye to my friends, my professors, my advisers, and many other people in Keuka College that I have met along the way. Four years being a full-time student here makes me realize how I have become a part of this college, just like how it has become a part of me. It’s not just simply a school where I go to study or a shelter where I eat and sleep. It’s a friend, a mom, a dad, a sister, and a brother. It’s “someone” that I’m so used to. Someone that teaches me life lessons, supports me, makes me laugh, hugs me tight, be there for me when I’m sad and cheers me up.

How Vietnamese students prepare for Tet when abroad.

But to think positively, we only have 5 days left to Tet! Though we cannot celebrate Tet with our families in Vietnam this year, we do have a second family here in Keuka College. We gathered together yesterday’s evening at KCIC (Keuka College International Club) meeting, having dinner together, watching Tao Quan 2014 while cutting construction papers to make lanterns for decorations in Lunar New Year celebration next week. We planned to make them all red since it’s the iconic color for Tet. Surprisingly enough, not only my fellow Vietnamese folks helped in making lanterns, but other members of the club from America, South Africa, etc. were also excited to learn how to make them and they were unexpectedly skillful!




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